Joseph Abboud 2012 Website Redesign  

Joseph Abboud, the much revered American men's clothing company, approached AgentOf to develop their rebranded look and feel into a modern, fresh digital experience.  

We knew we needed to create a brand experience that would appeal to a younger customer (the GQ technophile,) and present the brand's updated position "The New America" to the new American Man - looser, smart, more subtle.  

In assessing the new brand approach and the overall business requirements, we proposed a grid solution that would be iPad compliant, in order to visually tie the website to an iPad in-store sales tool we were planning for the following season.

We developed a content management system that allowed the flexibility of content updates and future e-commerce integration. The site uses an enterprise tested open source (php) based CMS with e-commerce integration and a MVC scalable framework. 


Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 6.54.23 PM.png