The Challenge

How do you make an electronic black box that transforms the music experience in your car desirable not only to the audiophile, but also to the everyday music enthusiast? How do you showcase the magic of the experience via a website?

The Approach

Edelman Digital asked AgentOf to concept, design, direct and produce a video-based website, with social integration for the launch of JBL's newest car audio enhancement product the MS-8. The concept was to create a multi-sensory user experience that would excite the retail consumers, as well as the hard core audio enthusiasts. We wanted to draw the viewer into the experience, as if witnessing it first hand, thus developing a natural affinity to the product based on the personable virtual encounter. 

The Design

To achieve this effect we utilized comprehensive video coverage of the MS-8 as the focal point of the site, creating the first frame of each channel as a still image in the pre-loader and transitioning into the story line immediately after the video load. This approach gave a natural fluidity to the site and helped the story evolve quickly, retaining the attention of the viewer. We created an original soundtrack with Global Genius to further elevate the experience and connect all the scenes seamlessly.

Typography, graphic elements, vehicle overhead illustrations, as well as a synthesized proxy of the before and after sound, were also used to demonstrate the imaging and sound enhancements of the MS-8 system.

A threaded discussion function, utilizing Facebook connect and Twitter, integrated the social media channels built around the product into the website, and boosted the viral effect of the digital initiative.

JBL MS8 - 2 way social integration 

JBL MS8 - user experience



The Result

The JBL MS8 website received a W3 Silver Award.

JBL w3 award.png