Fall / Winter 2012 Campaign Pitch

creative director

Pitch Objective

Create a campaign based on the authenticity and heritage of Frye that breaks through the clutter of other fashion and footwear images. Set the roots and foundation of the visual language for Frye advertising by creating ownable assets and ideas that support the growth of the brand through big thinking.


Demonstrate that product and lifestyle are inextricably linked. With a brand like Frye, it ’s not a question of either or. The brand is the product and the people make the brand. Frye tells a story, just as consumers' lives tell THEIR story – each leaving their unique footprint.

Develop the campaigns with a 360 approach that considers added content, PR, and digital at the forefront. We leverage Frye’s ownable equity as a filter to ensure brand appropriateness.

We Love Frye For its...

The Campaigns

There's no place like home  

There's no place like home. For years, Frye has been pushing forward, zooming along on the never-ending road trip. Outdoors, pushing the envelope, blazing across America, foot firmly on the gas pedal. But it ’s time to come home. Home to the small towns, neighborhoods, and city streets where we all live...

Fryeville, U.S.A. 

It’s easy to look back and long for the days when people took pride in the work they did. When solid craftsmanship was a baseline for any successful product.

When you knew your neighborhood butcher by name. Those days are not gone. We are in a new golden age of American workmanship, of young artisans and creators that are updating the traditions of the past...