me & marina blu                                                              2013

Live & Create

Who I am now is the result of all my experiences of being a father, a husband, a painter, a foreigner, a student, a runner, an inspiring musician, a passenger, a listener, a photographer. These are some of the elements that fuel my vision and energize my creativity. My process is never linear or one-sided; it's a collaborative experience that involves a true partnership with a team and clients. 

Where it all started...

Born in California, I fell in love with the sea and nature. Soon we moved to the east coast, where as a young teenager I developed a love for art & photography. As a teen I wandered the streets of New York City hundreds of times, shooting endless rolls of film, aspiring to capture the kind of moments my photography heroes Henri Cartier-Bresson, Irving Penn and Jacques Henri Lartigue did.

My creative yearning led me to study at the Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts, where I majored in painting and photography.

After college I traveled extensively as a first assistant for a successful advertising photographer, learning the balance between art and commerce. In 1993 I returned to New York City to open my own studio in Soho and in 2007 co-founded a boutique digital agency, AgentOf.

I currently live in Soho with my wife and daughter where the creative process continues.

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